De-liberation: Towards a stronger democracy

Wilder Journal #1 by Platoniq


“When I arrived in Ancona everything was cold. The room where I had to wait was windy and my jacket was still wet. I thought I was prepared. Back in Somalia I had read everything about the journey, everything but not too much, because my wife kept telling me to stop it. 'On the internet people only make up stories', she said. I know she was right, but I couldn't help it. I wanted to be aware of the risks. I wanted to make this work.”

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“When I knew I couldn't sleep anymore, I got out of bed and made myself a tea. Tiffany was in the kitchen as well, warming milk. She looked like she didn't sleep at all. She's Nigerian too and she is nice, but we don't speak a lot. Her husband knows some other Nigerian men in Ancona. Traffickers. You have to be friends with the traffickers, I know, but it makes you a little lonely. Better not to trust anyone.”

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Challenges and opportunities for the creative and cultural sector on community financing: the Open Heritage Observatory Cases

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