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Citizen participation

We design and facilitate online, face-to-face and hybrid participation processes. We use our own innovative methodologies and our mastery of digital tools to help create more democratic and just societies and organisations.

  • Citizen dialogues
  • Citizens’ assemblies
  • Deliberative assemblies in schools
  • Training of trainers and facilitators Design of Toolkits and Playbooks for participation * Research on democratic quality indicators
  • Research on democratic quality indicators

Consulting and strategic accompaniment

We accompany public and private entities in their processes of Participatory strategic planning.

  • Elaboration and facilitation of internal participation processes for the design of strategic plans.
  • Participatory diagnosis + recommendations
  • Theoretical framework and contextualisation with data Development of narratives to communicate the mission and vision * Assessment of policies and strategic plans
  • Evaluation of policies and strategic plans

Democratic financing

Goteo.org is our civic crowdfunding platform, through which we fund initiatives with social impact - at regional, national and international level, encourage cooperativism and strengthen the whole of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

On the other hand, it is a pioneering and innovative platform in transparency and distribution of public resources, with the creation of programmes and calls for proposals Matchfunding where the promoters of the campaigns receive other complementary funds from public entities depending on the success of the campaign and citizen validation.

  • Matchfunding channels + crowdfunding consultancy.
  • Introduction to crowdfunding training
  • Training in communication for crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Promotion of cooperativism: Crowdcoop.org

Design of futures

We have extensive experience designing and developing visionary courses and workshops that make us imagine and project a more ethical and desirable future.

  • Course to empower young people in the fight against disinformation (for teachers and librarians)
  • Co-creation workshops to generate ideas and tackle challenges collectively.
  • Social Justice by Design Workshop: How to design inclusive, feminist and decolonial spaces Workshop Imagining a More Ethical Future of Artificial Intelligence

Development of open source digital tools.

We have been defending and exercising the social use of technology for more than 20 years. That’s why we develop open source tools to put them at the service of society and to impact on the democratic quality of public and private organisations.

Do you also want to promote democratic innovation, social and solidarity economy and build a better future? Do you want us to accompany you in the process? We would love to collaborate with you! Fill in the following form and tell us how we can help you, or how you can help us!

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