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Coinciding with the launch and rebranding of the second issue of the Wilder Journal, we set out to bring together a small number of activists, academics and artists to think about deliberative democracy, public participation, democratic innovation and citizen science through creativity and free thinking.

Who are they and what do they do?

Judith Membrives i Llorens

Judith Membrives i Llorens

Analyst and advisor on digital and technological policies. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Researcher and philosopher focused on the impact caused by innovation and interaction with new technologies at a cultural, ethical and social level. Her fields of interest are mainly emerging technologies and digital systems and their intersection with power. She works with decolonial gender theories and revolutionary and cybernetic feminisms as conceptual frameworks, accompanied by STS methodologies.

Marina Pera Ros

Marina Pera Ros

Sociologist. PhD in Public Policy (UAB)

My interests focus on the relationship between civil society actors (social movements, citizen platforms, etc.) and local government and public administration. And how this collaboration between agents of different natures generates new spaces for the local government and public administration

Olivier Schulbaum, co-founder of the Platoniq Foundation

Alberto Escorcia

Journalist specialising in disinformation

Pioneering journalist in the investigation of disinformation on the Internet. He has developed a method using open source software and network analysis to detect in real time the emergence of fake news and disinformation operations before they do harm. And now I look at the use of AI in both the detection and prevention of disinformation

Olivier Schulbaum, co-founder of the Platoniq Foundation

Isabelle Bonhoure

Coordinator and Researcher, OpenSystems / Universitat de Barcelona

I am interested in devising and implementing citizen science methodologies, especially aimed at collective experimentation in public spaces and the co-creation of research with vulnerable groups. I find it especially valuable to put at the centre of the research groups of citizens who share a social concern, making them participants as co-researchers in the project and involving them in the whole process

Olivier Schulbaum, co-founder of the Platoniq Foundation

Enric Senabre

Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow. Faculty of Information and Audiovisual Media at University of Barcelona

Researcher in digital humanities and social sciences, he works at the intersection between action research, facilitation and teaching, connecting collaborative ethnography and co-creation of knowledge. His main interests are related to climate emergence, ecofeminism and civic technologies, and in parallel to the methodological experimentation derived from combining digital culture with qualitative approaches

Olivier Schulbaum, co-founder of the Platoniq Foundation

Olivier Schulbaum

Co-founder of the Platoniq Foundation

Public institutions and policy-makers are hungry for wider participation. Citizens are challenging them with wiLder participation - deliberative democracy is only one letter away! Let’s debate, let’s mix, let’s democratise!

Olivier Schulbaum, co-founder of the Platoniq Foundation

Cristian Palazzi

Head of Citizen Mobilisation and Advocacy at the Platoniq Foundation

Philosopher, teacher and social activist focused on developing tools and campaigns that improve the lives of the most vulnerable groups. My research focuses on citizen participation, social movements, applied ethics and technologies for the common good.

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