Late Legislation

09/January/2024 by Chimwemwe Chirwa
Late Legislation poem, by Chimwemwe Chirwa

Chimwemwe Chirwa wrote this short poem (originally published on our Open Spaces) to summarise what the Legislative Theatre group in Mindset Revolution is doing. The first session we dropped in on as researchers they were doing a legislative theatre exercise that revolved around mental health and the workplace. The poem encompasses how the legislative theatre group uses audience members (in the poem’s case the angel) to act as someone who can be a legislative leader and change the outcome of legislative plays.

The liberating licks of tobacco can only linger for so long

There’s not enough people in today matey boy what’s going on

The corporate shadow laps up the sunshine that glisten in my eyes

They’re scrapping admin jobs to absolutely no surprise

You can threaten to leave but that won’t change a thing

Your capitalist bossman has already moved onto his next ting

The power you thought you had is dwindling at the picket line

You start to quite quit and tell all your other co-workers your fine

A stranger cladded in white between the exhausted crowds is waving at you

The individual calls out to you that the theatrics of your existence are about to be changed

You don’t have to live your life enraged 

For I am the angel for legislation

Here to build a better life for you a new foundation

Feel the sensation, vibration of your newly found spirit of affirmation

This toxicity doesn’t serve you anymore 

And I’m going to put plans in place so you shouldn’t have to suffer in this convenience store

The theatre of your life will come into law 

So you don’t have to fight constantly against the bourgeois 

Liberated from the shackles of institution 

Don’t you worry my dear you’ll get your restitution

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