Were open

09/January/2024 by Joan B. Cabot
Were Open poem, by Chimwemwe Chirwa

Chimwemwe Chirwa wrote this short poem (originally published in our Open Spaces ) to summarize what the Legislative Theater group of Mindset Revolution is doing. This poem invites us to reflect on the current state of the mental health system and how Mindset Revolution’s digital engagement group is combating it by building a platform and fostering dialogue around mental health in the city.

The poem highlights the contrast between a conventional mental health system, represented by white walls and green chairs, and the new platform they are creating. While the conventional system can be cold and medicinal, the Mindset Revolution platform seeks to create a warm, soft and delicate space. It recognizes the shortcomings of the current system and advocates for meaningful conversations, innovation, and collective healing. This poem underlines the goal of the thought revolution: to transform the mindset and approach to mental health.

Were open

Soft warm and delicate in taste

Unlike the sour medicinal one we’ve become accustomed to

We will no longer savour wood covered in lukewarm vanilla

Can you not acknowledge that for the brain these white walls and green chairs are killer?

We are creating, curating and innovating meaningful conversations

An intimate syndicate,

A voice for a generation

That for many years was left to rot in waiting,

A system of vindication

Were not lying when we say the whole ordeal is frustrating

So we’ve built a platform with a new blueprint that’s a little less invalidating

Where we will have open dialogue on our solution

It’s a mindset revolution

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